Meghna’s Limerick

There was once a girl named Kelly,

Who loved making apple jelly.

She ate it all

And looked like a ball

Because she had a huge belly.


Meghna Goel is a student of class XI in Springdales School, Pusa Road, New Delhi INDIA

Tnisha’s limerick

A cute little limerick by 13 year old Tnisha at WORDPLAY …


I have a pet named Oscar,

Who looks just like a boxer.

He likes to eat fruit,

He is really cute.

He loves to ride on a roller coaster!


Tnisha Sethi is a student of class VIII at G. D. Goenka Public School, New Delhi, INDIA


Limericks by Kriti …


At WORDPLAY, the second of the two summer workshops by KEYSTONE CREATIVES this year, the participants came up with really cool limericks … and Kriti came up with two of them!


I saw a man with a broken bone,

Eating a double-scooped ice-cream cone,

I raised my brow,

As I saw him row,

A really huge boat alone



Yesterday I was so very busy

Sipping a drink very fizzy,

I was on the bed,

Resting my head,

And thinking why people call me lazy.


Kriti Raheja is a student of class VIII at Heritage School, Rohini, New Delhi, INDIA


Yash’s poems

Poems by ten year old Yash at the BUDDING BARDS workshop…



My best friend’s name is Yugank.

He gets a good rank.

He is a boy.

He likes toys.

He has long hair.

He is very fair.

He likes to share.

His face is like a bear!




The moon appears at night

And does not fight.

The sun appears in the morning

It’s like a ball of hot, burning.

The flowers are bright,

It’s a beautiful sight.

The birds are flying high in the sky,

And always say bye!


Yash Gupta is a student of class V at Manav Sthali School, New Delhi, INDIA

Krishiv’s poem

Nine year old Krishiv Jindal has said such a lot in four brief lines … amazing! 




My mother and my father are my parents.

They scold me for my own good.

That is why I love them,

And always behave as I should!


Krishiv Jindal is a student of class V at Bhatnagar International School, New Delhi, INDIA

Aarav’s poem

Nine year old Aarav Mittal wrote this cute little poem about his school at the BUDDING BARDS workshop by KEYSTONE CREATIVES on 17th & 18th May, 2016…



My school is very big,

It’s colour is brown.

The classes are till 12th,

It has a huge ground.

In the ground we play games.

MAXFORT is the school’s name!


Aarav Mittal is a student of class V at Maxfort School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA

Aayush’s poem

Here’s the poem written by Aayush Pahwa at the BUDDING BARDS workshop by KEYSTONE CREATIVES on 17th & 18th May, 2016 …



Everyday I play football.

I go to the park when my friends call.

We go to play in the park,

We don’t play in the dark.

At home I play with my brothers,

In school I play with others!

Aayush Pahwa is a student of class V at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi, INDIA

Nimisha’s poems

Here are the poems written by 9 year old Nimisha Jain at the BUDDING BARDS workshop by KEYSTONE CREATIVES on 17th & 18th May, 2016



There was a cat

A cat with a hat.

Her eyes were grey

Her smile was wild.

She was a stray

Who destroyed everything piled.

She liked to steal cakes

And eat them along the lake.

She liked to lick her fur

While she purred.

I think she was very wise,

As she caught naughty mice!




If my father goes anywhere,

He always gets chocolates for me.

I always like to eat them,

But my mother does not give me more than three.

Whenever she is sleeping,

I try to take more.

But she always wakes up and catches me,

And locks the fridge door!


Nimisha Jain is a student of Class IV at DPS Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA

Ditya’s poem

Seven year old Ditya Jindal was one of the youngest participants in the Budding Bards Workshop by Keystone Creatives on 17th and 18th May 2016. Here is the poem she wrote:



My mother looks like Barbie,

My grandparents are very nice.

My brother is a smart boy,

And my father is very wise!

Ditya Jindal is a student of class III at Saplings School, New Delhi, INDIA

Yug’s poems

Seven year old Yug Gupta was one of the youngest participants in the Budding Bards Workshop by Keystone Creatives on 17th and 18th May 2016. Here we bring you the poems he wrote:


My favourite toy is teddy bear

I play with teddy bear

I love you teddy bear

My best friend is teddy bear!



My birthday comes on 22nd October.

I love you birthday.

I get many things.

I am happy on my birthday.


Yug Gupta is a student of class II at Bal Bharti School, Pusa Road, New Delhi, INDIA

Poems from Brazil

by Amogh Balaji

Amogh is 10 years old and a student of St. Paul’s school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His interests include reading and writing poems . He also loves playing tennis and football. Here are some poems from his collection.

My day today

In the beginning of the day, everything is good;

But by the end of the day, somebody is in a bad mood.

The things go…not as you think,

But sometimes they have a link …




Robôts can walk;

Robots can talk;

They’re made into cubes;

Just like silvér tubes.

When robots are dead,

They lay on their bed.

And when they are done,

They become fun.




I am a giant, really big:

The people I see turn into a fig.

I am a giant, really smart;

And I play Mário kart.

I’m a giant, and I know you …




by Ashu Pahwa


Oh look! How beautiful is Nature!

It supports everything and creation.


Look at the hot, burning sun:

It sees children having fun!


Now, look at the big, blue sky

In which lots of birds fly!


Look at the tall, green trees:

The home of many birds and bees.


Look at the green gardens and flowers:

With them we can spend many hours!


Rivers, oceans, lakes and streams

Look so beautiful: just like dreams!


Look at the forests, lush with greenery;

They really make a beautiful scenery!


The mountains and valleys; animals big and small;

Nature is wonderful, God made it all!

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