In the Solar System-2

written and illustrated by Shreeya Sharma

The story so far (see In the Solar System-1): Long, long ago, all the planets in the Solar System lived in friendship and harmony. And then the Creator, Brahma ji, decided to send life on Earth. At first human beings respected Earth and Nature, but as time went by, they started misusing and harming Nature in a blind race for material progress. All the planets got very angry. One asteroid set out on a collision course with Earth, in order to punish the humans, but Jupiter stopped him because he had faith in humans…

Chapter 2: Farewell to Pluto

Humans continued their progress in the field of science and technology. They were still criticized by each and every object in the solar system. As I have told you, Jupiter hoped that humans would realize their mistake and improve themselves, so he never criticized the humans.

The solar system was unaware of what these scientists were planning to do to their dearest friend and the last planet, Pluto.

Scientists observed that Pluto was much too small to be classified as a planet!!

On the Earth the scientists were trapped in a big web. They could not decide what to do about Pluto.

In the solar system, a river of bad words against the humans was flowing continuously. But of course, the humans had no knowledge of all this.

The clever Sun had appointed a cloud to give them information about what was happening on Earth.   Once the cloud messenger came to the Sun looking very worried. Sun asked, “Dear cloud, what has happened? Why are you so worried? What is happening on Earth? Is every thing all right?”

“No …….no Your Majesty, the humans ……have made an announcement……… that ……….. that…..our Pluto………………… no longer a………..a………. planet!!” The cloud said in tears.

The solar system was dumbfounded! Jupiter cried out: “I am really sorry friends, that I said humans are good. I was wrong. They are worse than anyone could have imagined!……….”

Poor Pluto was as quiet as if he were really dead!

To be continued …

Shreeya Sharma is 11 years old. She is a student of class VII at Bal Bharti Public School, Pusa Road, New Delhi, India. She loves to play tennis and badminton, reading, net surfing, dancing, singing, writing and art. She is a struggling blogger and dreams of becoming a dancer, a singer, a writer, a scientist and an artist.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Smiti Gupta
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 18:17:39

    Lovely story Shreeya 🙂


    Jul 23, 2011 @ 17:09:59

    I Like your story very much.But when are you going to complete the story.


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