Nimisha’s poems

Here are the poems written by 9 year old Nimisha Jain at the BUDDING BARDS workshop by KEYSTONE CREATIVES on 17th & 18th May, 2016



There was a cat

A cat with a hat.

Her eyes were grey

Her smile was wild.

She was a stray

Who destroyed everything piled.

She liked to steal cakes

And eat them along the lake.

She liked to lick her fur

While she purred.

I think she was very wise,

As she caught naughty mice!




If my father goes anywhere,

He always gets chocolates for me.

I always like to eat them,

But my mother does not give me more than three.

Whenever she is sleeping,

I try to take more.

But she always wakes up and catches me,

And locks the fridge door!


Nimisha Jain is a student of Class IV at DPS Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA

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