Cricket Wicket!

by Sanmay Moitra

My favorite game is cricket. In IPL my favorite team is KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) and in international cricket my favorite team is Ind (India).

Whenever a match is played by India or KKR I don’t miss a single ball. CSKs (Chennai Super Kings) have won two IPLs back-to-back, but still I don’t support CSK.

I support KKR because I have stayed in Kolkata for 8 years. Even though I have now shifted to Delhi,  my heart still goes out to KKR and not to the Delhi Daredevils!

My favorite bowler is Brett Lee. He is one of the best bowlers in the world. My favorite batsman is Sachin Tendulkar. He is the greatest batsman in the world.

My greatest wish is to meet Sachin Tendulkar. My Mamu (mother’s brother) has promised me to take me to meet him some day. I am waiting for that day!

Sanmay Moitra is 8 years old. He is a student of class III at Delhi Public School, NCR Gurgaon, India. He loves playing and watching cricket, playing the musical keyboard, swimming and reading story books in English and Hindi.

On my Trip to Scotland

by Abhiraj Singh

Recently I went on a trip to Scotland with my family. We first went to Inverness. I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, which is a kind of hotel that gives only breakfast to its guests.

After that we went to Loch Ness. I tried to find Nessie the Loch Ness monster, but I couldn’t find him. We sailed on a big boat. I kept looking for him. I thought Nessie would be green in colour, but my little sister thought he would be….pink!!

The next stop was Urquhart Castle. It was in ruins. I really liked the gatekeeper/constable’s quarters.

The last stop was Edinburgh. I went to Edinburgh Castle. It was very big. I saw some jewels there. Once upon a time, Mary Queen of Scots lived there. I saw the Castle Prison. It was very scary.

The last thing we saw before we left for home was the Queen’s boat–the Royal Yacht, Brittannia. They had separate audio guides for children. It was good and I could understand it properly. My favourite was the engine room. I really liked the turbines because they were big and shiny.

It was a fun trip. I wish I could go there again someday.

Abhiraj Singh is nearly 7 years old and is completing Year 1 in Ivybridge Primary School, London.  He loves reading, football, kite flying and making and flying paper planes. 

A Visit to SOS Children’s Village

A painting by the children of the SOS Children’s Village

by Pakhi Joshi

My mother is a teacher. She planned to take her school children to SOS Children’s Village on 9th April. My mother asked me if I also wanted to go to the SOS Children’s Village with her. I agreed.

We boarded the bus from Mamma’s school. I enjoyed singing and dancing in the bus with the didis and bhaiyas (elder children). They told us jokes and asked us riddles. We reached the SOS Children’s Village in an hour.

There we saw different houses. In each house six to seven children were staying with a mother. That day we could not meet any mother as all the mothers had gone to the market.

All these children are orphans, but here they get a family and a mother to look after them. In SOS Children’s Village the children learn how to read, how to prepare food, etc. They are sent to schools and colleges.

The children welcomed us all. We talked with the SOS children and danced with them. We went to all the houses and met all the children. The SOS children had kept their houses and things very neatly.

In each house there was a framed photograph of the SOS children with their mother. Some children went out to play with the school children. The principal of my Mamma’s school distributed toffees and biscuits to the children. We clicked lots of photographs.

There were swings and slides in the village as well. We enjoyed playing on them too. We stayed there for two hours. Finally, it was time to go back. We wished them goodbye.

It was a wonderful trip. I experienced how children live without their Mamma and Papa. I learnt many things.

Pakhi Joshi is 8 years old and a student of class IV at Ahlcon International School, Delhi. She loves reading and writing stories, acting and Kathak dance.

Why I Love My Grandparents

by T. Srikant

I have all four of my grandparents near me. My mummy’s parents stay with us in our house. Papa’s parents live in Prasad Nagar, near my house. I call my mummy’s parents as Nanaji and Naniji. I call my papa’s father ‘Tataiyya’ and my papa’s mother ‘Nayanamma’. It means grandfather and grandmother in Telugu.

My Nanaji loves me very much and hardly ever scolds me. He helps me a lot in my art and craft and in my homework when mummy is not there. He also brings me nice fruits and a chocolate bar to eat, everyday. He reads out funny jokes from the newspaper to me.

My Naniji takes very good care of me. She prepares tasty  dishes (like Maggi) for me. She takes me to my karate classes three days in the week. Everyone says that she is spoiling me too much, but that’s not true, you know. I love to sleep with my Nanaji and Naniji.

I also visit Tataiyya and Nayanamma often at their house. Tataiyya also loves Asterix comics like me. I have a lot of fun wrestling with him on his bed.

Nayanamma always watches Telugu channels on TV, which I can’t understand. But she has taught me a number of shlokas in Sanskrit, like ‘Shuklambaradharam Vishnum’ and ‘Vakratunda Mahakaaya’. She is also expert in making bundi ladoos.

I love all my grandparents very much. I pray to God to keep them safe always.

T. Srikant is an 8 year-old student of class IV in New Delhi, India. He loves reading books and watching cricket.

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