Poems from Brazil

by Amogh Balaji

Amogh is 10 years old and a student of St. Paul’s school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His interests include reading and writing poems . He also loves playing tennis and football. Here are some poems from his collection.

My day today

In the beginning of the day, everything is good;

But by the end of the day, somebody is in a bad mood.

The things go…not as you think,

But sometimes they have a link …




Robôts can walk;

Robots can talk;

They’re made into cubes;

Just like silvér tubes.

When robots are dead,

They lay on their bed.

And when they are done,

They become fun.




I am a giant, really big:

The people I see turn into a fig.

I am a giant, really smart;

And I play Mário kart.

I’m a giant, and I know you …




by Ashu Pahwa


Oh look! How beautiful is Nature!

It supports everything and creation.


Look at the hot, burning sun:

It sees children having fun!


Now, look at the big, blue sky

In which lots of birds fly!


Look at the tall, green trees:

The home of many birds and bees.


Look at the green gardens and flowers:

With them we can spend many hours!


Rivers, oceans, lakes and streams

Look so beautiful: just like dreams!


Look at the forests, lush with greenery;

They really make a beautiful scenery!


The mountains and valleys; animals big and small;

Nature is wonderful, God made it all!


by Shruti Singh

I have only one love;

And that’s my mom.

I have only one life
That’s given by my mom.
Knowledge that’s not found in books
I have got from my mom.
First she taught me to speak;
Then she taught me to walk.
And now, oh! dear mom ,
As Life knocks on my door ,
I dedicate this to you,
My mom.
I only want to say:
Ilove you mom!!
Shruti Singh is 12 years old and a student of Class VII. Her hobbies are writing, reading, music and dance.

A Sense of Home

by Reha Bhombal

As I hear the rhythmic tabla playing;
Rickshaws blow their horns;
Like bees buzzing in my ears’
And the bright yellow diyas
Give me a sense of home.

I think about home;
Where there are smiling ladies
All eager to help.

Where pencil-grey elephants
Are as peaceful as a river.

As I gobble up a Pani Puri,
It trickles around my mouth
As sweet as sugar;
As spicy as chopped chilli.
It reminds me of back home.

The fried fish crunches in my teeth
Like stepping on dried leaves in autumn;
The tomyum’s maddeningly spicy taste
Sets my tongue on fire;
Burns it like ashes.

I glance at the woman in front of me:
Her parrot-green bangles
Jingle with the breeze;
And her delicately carved mehendi,
Each detail so perfect,
Like jigsaw pieces, each unique.

Her dark skin
Like the colour of coconut tree trunks. Back home.

Where orchids bloom
Like a start of a new life.
Where gold Buddhas lie
As pure as water.
Is this where I belong?
Maybe this is

Reha Bhombal is 12 yrs old and a class VIII student in Rayong, Thailand.

Recipe for Friendship

by Sanchia Mehra

There’s a recipe for friendship;

The recipe of love and joy:

You need a cup of hugs,

A spoonful of nuttiness,

And a dash of fights;

Don’t forget a bucketful of commitment,

A gallon of love,

And ten cups of each, of unity and trust.

A dash of the sugar of laughter,

And a pinch of the salt of mischief.

Add to it four cups of togetherness,

And a basketful of sleepovers:

And that’s the perfect recipe for a perfect friendship!

Sanchia Mehra is 10 years old and a student of Billabong High School, Santacruz, Mumbai.


by Sanchia Mehra

I see the waves through my window

Waving at me from afar;

Want to touch them, but I can’t.

Far into the sea, I see a boat,

Dancing through the waves so fast.

Can’t see, but can feel

The fish, playing in the sea;

Birds that glide above them:

How lucky do they feel?

Kites that fly in the air:

Fluttering in the breeze;

Tangling with each other.

My dream is to be one of them:

The birds that fly in the air!

Sanchia Mehra is 10 years old and a student of Billabong High

School, Santacruz, Mumbai.


by Chirtali

Where are those carefree days?

When I used to sit idle under the suns rays;

The days when I didn’t have burdens of studies;

When I spent the whole day playing with my buddies.

The days when my parents were my only guide;

Holding their fingers I use to walk with pride;

The days when I didn’t have secrets for someone to leak;

When with my elder brother I used to play hide and seek.

 when I never got scolded–no reading or writing;

The days when my friends never did backbiting!

The days when I just saw my mother’s book-pile;

The days when I hadn’t read about the Ganga or the Nile!

Where are they gone–those carefree days?

Oh! I miss them in so many ways!

So friends, enjoy your childhood: sing and dance;

For, childhood comes only once!

Chitrali is a student of class VI at DAV Public School, Gurgaon. Apart from music, reading and writing, she also loves playing volleyball, basketball and the guitar.

If Only …

by Rohit Sahasrabuddhe

If only I were Peter Pan:

I would fly the skies of Never Land;

Live with John, Michael, Wendy and the rest;

And defeat that crook,

Captain Hook!

If only I were Harry Potter:

I’d turn Voldemort into an otter;

We’d do wonders together, my wand and I;

And no one would dare

Mess with this pair!

If only I were Phileas Fogg:

I’d go round the world, at a jog;

Travel to US, Germany, Switzerland, Japan;

And back to my home land,

Darkly tanned!

If only I were Captain Nemo:

I’d rule the seas-–high and low;

Unleashing a reign of terror;

Sinking ships

With one command from my lips!

If only I were Tom Sawyer:

Called to court by Muff’s lawyer,

I’d be a pirate for a few days;

And in a gale,

Set off to sail!

If only, if only, if only

This were really, really true,

The last thing I’d be doing

Is writing this poem

Out for you!

Rohit Sahasrabuddhe is 11 years old and a student of  DAV School, Pune. He wrote this poem when he was 9 years old.


by Karan Taneja

My father is nice,

But he’s scared of mice.

My father is great,

But sometimes from work he comes late.

My father seldom scolds,

But afterwards he hugs and holds.

My father loves me and my brother,

And of course my mother!!

Karan Taneja is 10 years old. He is a student of class V in New Delhi, India. He loves reading and sports.

Our Sweet and Sour Relations

by Chitrali

Chitrali is a student of class VI at DAV School, Gurgaon. Apart from reading, writing and music, she loves playing volleyball, basketball and the guitar.

My Cool Mom!

by Ambuj Sen Patra

Yeah! Mom you’re so cool!

   On my heart you totally rule.

As long as you stay in my life,

There’s no sadness, there’s no strife.

I’ll cruise on my own one day but you set the sail.

You make me aim for the highest. Never fail.

You made me believe I am the one the world will hail.

You get my train back on its rail.

I love you. Is it so hard to believe?

I know my life is being passed through a sieve.

I will never get into a soup with you.

I will love you forever, IT IS TRUE!!

I know that I have caused you pain.

But you’ve still helped me. Remained sane.

You will live in my heart for long.

And only for you, my mother, I wrote this song.

Ambuj Sen Patra wrote this poem for Mothers' Day at the age of 10. He
is 12 years old and a student of class VII in New Delhi, India. He
enjoys reading (mystery and mythology), playing the guitar, scientific
experiments and swimming.


by Karan Taneja

Hundreds of dewdrops to the great dawn;

Hundreds of butterflies in the lawn;

Hundreds of bees in the purple clover;

But only one mother the wide world over!

Karan Taneja is 10 years old. He is a student of Class V in New Delhi, India. He loves reading and sports.

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