Meghna’s Limerick

There was once a girl named Kelly,

Who loved making apple jelly.

She ate it all

And looked like a ball

Because she had a huge belly.


Meghna Goel is a student of class XI in Springdales School, Pusa Road, New Delhi INDIA

Tnisha’s limerick

A cute little limerick by 13 year old Tnisha at WORDPLAY …


I have a pet named Oscar,

Who looks just like a boxer.

He likes to eat fruit,

He is really cute.

He loves to ride on a roller coaster!


Tnisha Sethi is a student of class VIII at G. D. Goenka Public School, New Delhi, INDIA


Limericks by Kriti …


At WORDPLAY, the second of the two summer workshops by KEYSTONE CREATIVES this year, the participants came up with really cool limericks … and Kriti came up with two of them!


I saw a man with a broken bone,

Eating a double-scooped ice-cream cone,

I raised my brow,

As I saw him row,

A really huge boat alone



Yesterday I was so very busy

Sipping a drink very fizzy,

I was on the bed,

Resting my head,

And thinking why people call me lazy.


Kriti Raheja is a student of class VIII at Heritage School, Rohini, New Delhi, INDIA


I’ve Grown a Lot

by Tavleen Kaur

Let me tell you about me,

From when I was a little cutie.

My choice, my taste,

Everything’s changed.

I loved to play with toy’s n teddies,

But now I take them as kiddies.

I’ve changed, I’ve changed,

I’ve changed a lot,

From a cutie pie to a girl who’s tall.

I’m exactly the opposite of what I was,

I’ve changed, I’ve changed,

I’ve changed a lot.

I’d watch cartoon for hours and hours,

But now I’m crazy about bikes and cars.

I’ve changed, I’ve changed,

I’ve changed a lot. What I used to be, I miss a lot.

Tavleen Kaur is a Student of Class IX in west Delhi. She is fond of writing and more!

School Life

by Sanya Arora

Oh! How interesting is school life!

Unlike the outside word—no pressure, no strife;

Life at school is beautiful and bright;

With my friends around me, I’m full of delight!

Oh! How wonderful is school life!

Studying our lessons with joy and cheer;

Activities and games that we all hold dear;

Where the teacher is like a mother;

Shaping us into citizens of the future!

Oh! How enjoyable is school life!

With sports that give us strength and grit;

Sharpen our memory and keep us fit;

Where I learn the basic ethics of life;

Sheltered from the everyday struggle and strife!

Oh! How excellent is school life!


Sanya Arora is 13 years old and a student of class VIII at Holy Child Senior Secondary School, New Delhi. She loves drawing, painting and poetry.


by Pallavi Agarwal

After the fiery days of May,

Once when I was on my way,

It rained all day long;

Cheered the world with its song.

The sky overcast with cloud;

Lightning flashing, thunder growing loud.

And next day, with its smile divine

The Sun with all its power did shine!

So, whether the days be dark or light,

All eyes should glow, happy and bright;

And brother should not war with brother;

Should devote their breath for one another.

So that the world sings in sweet consent;

I dream of this till the night is spent.

We should respect each other, in any case;

And value the gift of Nature and of grace.

Pallavi Agarwal is 13 years old and a student of Little World School, Jabalpur. Her hobbies include reading and composing poems.

Encounter with a Beast

by Ankita Ghoshal

Once I saw a pit which was shallow,

And inside it was sitting a buffalo!

Oh! I suddenly shouted with fear,

When I saw his nose, like the horn of a deer.

His mouth was as small as an iron screw,

And yuck! he was drinking from a bottle of glue.

He had a really ugly face,

In fact, his whole appearance was quite strange!

Suddenly he said, “Oh please! have mercy on me;

Please my dear, do save me.”

And though I knew how dangerous he might be,

I felt that I should set him free.

Looking around me, I saw a long rope,

And that gave me some hope.

Finally, I was able to set him free;

“HURRAY!” he shouted with joy and glee.

Everything was going on quite well,

But suddenly I saw that his face fell:

“I am hungry and I have to eat meat;

Please don’t mind but I will eat you as a treat!”

And before I knew it, I found that I was dead;

Just then, I woke up and fell from the bed!

I was shouting, crying and screaming;

Thank God! I had only been dreaming!


Ankita Ghoshal is 14 years old and is a student of class IX at DPS Jodhpur. She loves composing poems and reading novels. She also likes to make new friends and help others.

Positivity Wins!

by Manasvi Sharma

 ‘How are you?’ sometimes people ask.

I say, ‘fine’, but my heart says ‘Alas!’

‘How can I be fine when Life makes me worry:

That some people live in poverty and others in luxury!’

I asked my heart ‘Why do you only think of what is bad?”

It replied, ‘Because the plight of the poor makes me sad.’

But then I thought, ‘Why should I take only negativity in?

Why not take in positivity, but never take the sin?’

See, the world is so beautiful, and the flowers are so pretty,

See the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians: living peacefully in a city.

See the Harijans living with the general public without scorn or pity;

And the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras living without enmity.

But what if the winds of Time make this plant droop a bit?

My heart said, ‘It will make the plant strong enough to hit.’

Don’t get upset if problems sprout up like an unwanted weed,

Just try to remove it, like a gardener, until you succeed!


Manasvi Sharma is a student of class VIII at Modern Senior Secondary School, in Kota , Rajasthan. His hobbies are singing, dancing, writing and reading poems and stories.



by Shreya Jain

I come to this Earth

From the hands of Nature,

And give birth to Man:

Who can feel the warmth of fire’

Who can see those flames rising,

Full of the vibrant colors of life.

The fire that can

Cause destruction

To the land I stand on;

To the land I come from.

I give birth to Man:

Who cannot live without water;

Who can hear the sounds of drops;

Who finds relief in its touch.

The water that can

Stop that fire from rising;

Give life to the starving;

Destroy the land with flood;

Help a seed grow to a sapling.

I give birth to Man:

Who breathes the air;

Who senses the cool breeze;

Who would perish without it.

The air that can

Carry away every droplet of water;

Carry away every grain of sand;

Blow away fire.

I give birth to Man:

Who can smell the essence of soil;

Who can walk on of land;

Who can grow new life from this soil.

The soil that can

Take into itself all the seeds;

Give life to all that is living;

All that gives life to this Earth:

This Earth, where I come

From the hands of Nature,

And give birth to Man.

Shreya Jain is 15 years old and a student of class X at Tagore International School, New Delhi, India. She loves reading mystery novels and watching action, thriller and crime movies. In addition, she loves music as well as painting abstract and Nature. 

Flowers by the Wayside

by Priya Das

A huge burst of laughter,

Coming from that corner of the café

A group of foolish teenagers,

Spending their precious exam time here,

With their pals.

On other days

This would have irritated me,

Made me want to go over,

And scold each and every one of them,

Lecture them into the evening.

But today, I think otherwise;

Today, I remember

My teenage years;

I remember my enormous group of friends,

And the laughs we shared

Whenever we sat together.

I sigh over the earnest promises,

Over the tearful goodbyes,

Over the loving memories;

I think of the banter we made,

The cheerful and hurried conversations:

Everyone talking together,

With the words coming out slurred;

But no one cared.

After all, we were just kids!

All those happy, carefree days;

All that nostalgia

Has now brought me to this café;

Alone in a corner, with a cup of coffee,

Bent over with the weight of grief:

Grief over lost connections and scattered friends.

That is why today,

I just listen

To the sound of laughter;

Listen to the same foolish teenagers;

But now hope,

Hope that they strengthen these bonds of friendship.

Not forget them

Like I, so many years ago, did.

Priya Das is 15 years old and a student of class X at Tagore International School, New Delhi, India. She is fond of reading novels, (especially romantic ones), movies, chocolates, the rain and her friends.

A Future Couch Potato

by Arush Agarwal

I hate this place:

The place I call home.

Youngsters don’t come to play;

At home they like to stay.

I bet they don’t study as much as they pretend

This place, its games’ end!

The only ‘players’ here

Are the girls, but alas

They study in a younger class!

My mom forbids me to play with ’em;

When I watch TV, it’s not allowed in the evening;

The same goes for lying down:

And then people wonder why I frown!

In boredom I drown, and tread

An oft treaded path to the couch.

But the moment I slouch,

People shout…

“Young man! stay straight and hold high!”

Well thank you, but sorry I am,

For, with no play, no fun…

When I’m fuming even more than the sun;

I crave only one thing–just one:

Allow me to go out, to play,

While the sun shines, allow me to make hay!

Not far is that day, when I’ll grow up;

Will have no time to play;

When people will say:

“What laziness! Is it here to stay?”

And my only reply will be:

“Sorry, I was forbidden to play”!

Arush Agarwal is a student of class XI in St. Columba’s School, New Delhi, India. He loves to write poems and articles, reading books and studying science.


by Sharvi Lohani
I open my eyes and see the sky,

I wonder where I am, and why?

In a nest, hung on a branch of tree,

Out of reach of all the animals, and free!

Below my nest the river flows,

Waves sparkling like diamonds as the wind blows,

Nearby sits a man, drawing,

Looking towards me and sometimes yawning.

I flap my wings and decide to fly,

But I have no confidence; I’m afraid to try,

I gaze towards the horizon and wonder,

What worlds lie over the blue yonder?

Full of  curiosity, I close my eyes,

Flap my wings and try to imitate flies,

Suddenly I feel light, and realize that in trying,

I’m hung in midair–I’ve succeed in flying!

I pass over the meadow with its flowers and trees,

Feel with my soft wings the cool, scented breeze,

Reaching my destination, the river,

I approach the man with fear, and a shiver.

He could have been drawing so many things:

But he drew a little bird with colourful wings!

Gasping at the lovely picture, I realize

How pretty I am, I see through his eyes!

Sharvi Lohani is 14 years old and a student of class IX at Delhi Public School, Kalyanpur.

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