The Spectacular Six–Part I

by Sanmay Moitra

Meet Rahul, Rishav, Yash, Aryan, Manav and the dog Brownie, together make the Spectacular Six.

“Hey Rishav! Do you know Mr. Clarke is moving to Bangalore?” said Rahul.

“Why?” asked Rishav.

“His house was on fire an hour ago.”

“Should we go and find clues?” asked Rishav.

“Sure, that’s a good idea.” said Rahul. “But do Yash, Aryan, Manav and Brownie know about it?”

“No. We should tell them and ask them to come along.”

“Mom! Can we go to Mr. Clarke’s house?” asked Rahul.

“Yeah, sure,” said Mom.

So they reached Mr. Clarke’s house at four in the evening.

“Let’s start looking for clues from the front yard,” said Rahul. “Yash, you stay with Brownie; Manav you stay with Aryan; and Rishav you stay with me.”

They started looking for clues and Brownie found something and started sniffing straight away! Brownie’s sniffing lead to an injured bat.

They ran to Mr. Clarke’s house asked him how the fire started.

He said, “It started two hours ago in the living room, just after Mr. Parker left.”

So, the Spectacular Six were on to a spectacular start. They already had a suspect, Mr. Parker!

To be continued …

Sanmay Moitra is 9 years old. He is a student of class IV at Delhi Public School, NCR Gurgaon, India. He loves to play
and watch cricket, playing the musical keyboard, swimming and reading story books in English and Hindi.

The Magic Egg

by Diya Ahuja

One day a girl named Lilly was playing in the garden with her dog, Bruno.  She kept throwing a ball and Bruno kept catching it. After some time, she threw the ball to Bruno but he did not catch it.

Lilly went to see why Bruno did not try to catch the ball. She found that Bruno was sniffing inside the hedge in the garden.  Lilly walked to the hedge in wich Bruno was sniffing.

Inside the hedge she saw an orange, green and pink nest.  Inside the nest was a multicoloured egg.  Suddenly it started to rain, but, no rain fell on the egg.  Lilly gasped! This was a magic egg!

She went inside the house and called her mother.  “Ma, you’ve got to see this,” and she took her mother to the egg.

“Good heavens! It is a magic egg!” exclaimed Lilly’s mother when she saw it.  Lilly asked her mother, “Can we take it inside?” “Why not?” said her mother.  So, Lilly took the egg inside and put it on a shelf in her room.

The next day Lilly found her mother crying.  “Why are you crying, Ma?” she asked.

“I broke a priceless old Kashmiri vase,” said her mother.

“Dont worry,” said Lilly.  “I’ll ask the magic egg to mend it for you”.

She went to the egg and sang:

“My mother broke her vase;

It was full of flowers;

Bring it back to me”. 

Suddenly, blue mist formed in the room, and when it cleared, there was the vase — unbroken, and as beautiful as ever! Lilly jumped with joy and gave it to her mother.

Then she decided to wish for something for herself from the magic egg. She asked for a cat, a pot of tofees and a …

” WAKE UP LILLY”!!!!!!!

And Lilly woke, and found that it was all a dream!

Diya Ahuja is 10 years old today. She is a student of class IV in Delhi and loves to read and express herself through all mediums – vocal, written and dramatic.

Hide and Seek

by Sanmay Moitra

Once there were two friends, Sun and Cloud. They always played the same game, guess what? They raced against each other. Each time they raced, the Cloud lost.

The Cloud was a good sportsman and a good friend. He knew the sun would always be able to run faster than him, so he would always lose this game, and he never felt bad or complained. But the Sun started feeling bad for his friend.

The Sun thought that it was not fair the Cloud always lost the race. This way the Cloud would not have any supporters cheering him in their race. So, he thought, they should play hide and seek, in which many people would support the Cloud. So, the Sun went to the Cloud and said, ‘Let’s play hide and seek’.

‘Yes!’ said the Cloud happily.

So they started playing Hide and Seek. After some time, to the Cloud’s amazement, he heard everyone cheering him, and the Sun, hearing the cheers, was very happy for his friend. He gave a big smile to the Cloud. So the Cloud started seeking the Sun with everyone cheering him on.

After a while, the Cloud found the Sun and it started raining very hard. Everyone was very happy. The Sun and Cloud were happy too because the Cloud had won a game against the Sun for the first time!

Sanmay Moitra is 8 years old. He is a student of class III at Delhi Public School, NCR Gurgaon, India. He loves playing and watching cricket, playing the musical keyboard, swimming and reading story books in English and Hindi.

Trouble in Banjo

by Uday Ahuja

Once there befell a calamity on the kingdom of Banjo.

The kingdom got all its water from a fresh water stream. Suddenly, one day, the water in the stream started flowing so fast that even engineer boats going towards the mountains were pulled in the opposite direction, towards the dangerous waterfall.

This was the work of Rudy, the evil magician. After some time Rudy started a sacrifice which made the water current even stronger.  The people of Banjo were really scared. They did not know what to do, so, they went to the superhero Wizardafisardachisardashoo to ask  for his help.

Now our hero Shoo (short form) was not very far from Rudy’s sacrificial ground.  His magical emerald could show him events from the past. Through this Shoo found out that Rudy had cast a spell on the stream and was performing this sacrifice to make it even stronger. Soon the stream would swallow the whole kingdom of Banjo.

Shoo thought long and hard about how he could stop Rudy’s evil plan. Finally, he had an idea. He used his superpower and forced the stream into a tunnel. Rudy went to the end of the tunnel and waited at the opening to work his evil magic.

But the stream gushed out with such force, because of the spell that Rudy had put on it, that he himself got killed by it. As soon as Rudy was killed, his spell broke.  Shoo put the stream back into its position and its flow also became normal once again.

Thus, happiness returned to the kingdom of Banjo.

Uday Ahuja is 7 years old and a student of class II in New Delhi. He is an avid reader and loves to express himself through all mediums– vocal, written and dramatic.

In the Zoo …

by Diya Ahuja

One day Isabela went to the zoo with her Mum and Dad. When they reached there, Isabela’s Mum asked her if they would like to go walking or take a ‘Gypsy’. Isabela said “walking”.

Their first stop was a bird house. They were amazed to see that the birds were rainbow coloured, huge in size and chirping loudly!  “What a pretty bird house, and what lovely birds!” said Isabela, amazed. “This is a magic zoo!”

Their next stop was a lion cave, or rather, lion caves.  None of them could believe their eyes—the lions were eating cactus plants! “What sort of lions are these?” exclaimed her Mum. Her Dad nearly fell down in amazement.

Their third stop was a pool of water and there they saw five beautiful mermaids! Each one was wearing a different coloured dress: cherry pink, apple blossom white, rose red, turquoise blue and leaf green. On top of their heads they wore blue and golden crowns. Isabela made friends with them and promised to bring her friends with her to visit them next time.

She was enjoying all this a lot. “I wonder what we will see next,” she wondered. Their fourth stop was a monkey cave. But what extraordinary monkeys! They could talk like humans, and one of them pulled Isabela’s ponytail!

Isabela had started to get tired by now. She said, “Mum I’m feeling hungry. What can we have to eat? And let’s get out of the monkey cave!” So her Mum and Dad took her to a cafe in the zoo. She had pizza and chocolate shake there and felt fresh. They started off again.

Their fifth stop was a huge grassland where they saw a dinosaur eating the trees and nibbling grass peacefully. Isabela’s Dad said. “E-e-extinct creature … alive!” and fainted.

Isabela’s Mum gave Isabela a chocolate to eat as they waited for her Dad to come out of his faint. Then they all headed home, after Isabela’s Dad had recovered.

Diya Ahuja is 9 years old and a student of class IV at Step by Step School.

Nothing is Impossible!

by Sanmay Moitra

Once upon a time, there was a duck family and in that family lived a mother duck, a father duck and three baby ducks. One day mother duck laid a new egg. After a month the egg hatched and the baby came out.

The whole family loved the little duckling very much. One day, when the baby duck woke from his nap, his mother wasn’t there. His brothers and sisters were also gone. But he could see them all swimming in the lake nearby.

He tried to swim but couldn’t swim. He got frightened and started crying. After sometime a beaver saw baby duck crying and asked, “Why are you crying?”

“I am lost, that’s why, and now it’s impossible to get to my mother,” said the baby duck.

The beaver said, “I will help you to cross the lake”.

“It is impossible”, said the baby duck.

“Let’s see”, said the beaver. “Help me find some twigs and grass”.

So, they collected twigs and grass, and the beaver built a dam in no time.

“Look the dam is ready!” said the beaver.

“Yes!” shouted the baby duck, and ran over the dam to his mother.

“So, did you see? Nothing is impossible,” said the beaver, waving at the baby duck.

Sanmay Moitra is 8 years old. He is a student of class III at Delhi Public School, NCR Gurgaon, India. He loves playing and watching cricket, playing the musical keyboard, swimming and reading story books in English and Hindi.

The Butterfly and the Hunter

story and illustration by Aanya Virmani

One day a butterfly was flying in the garden. She was very happy.

A hunter came into the garden and saw the butterfly.

He wanted to catch the butterfly.

The butterfly thought she would fly away, but the hunter caught her.

“I got you!” said the hunter.

But the butterfly escaped from his net, as quickly as a jet.

“I was so brave! I escaped from the hunter!” cried the butterfly joyfully.

After that she went to a race.

She met her friends, bumblebee, caterpillar, grasshopper and ant.

They all wanted to win. But the butterfly won.


They all cheered her and loved her.

She played and played with her friends.

They all had lots of fun!

Aanya Virmani is 5 years old. She attends Challenger School in USA. She likes to do Math facts. 

The Adventures of the Ant and the Elephant

by Harsh Vardhan Joshi

Once upon a time there was a man. He had an elephant. One day the man had to go to China. He went to the airport with his elephant. He sat on the plane to China but forgot to take his elephant. The elephant was put on another plane, which left for America.

In America the elephant was given some bananas to eat. An ant and a rat smelt the bananas. They came near the elephant. The elephant was scared of the rat. The ant saw this and bit the rat. The rat ran away. The elephant was happy. He gave the ant a banana. They became friends.

The ant showed the elephant America but the elephant started missing his master. The Airport people put the elephant on a plane. The plane went to the North Pole. The plane landed. The elephant started feeling cold. The elephant and the ant ran out of the plane. The ant reached first and fell in the ocean. The elephant went near the ocean and rescued the ant. They both jumped into a nearby boat and sailed towards Russia.

The ant was scared in Russia. The elephant picked her up and took her around the new place. It was very cold there. It snowed the whole day long. They both got bored, so they decided to have some fun. They made a snowman and a snow mountain. Suddenly, the elephant remembered that he had come to find his master. He took the ant with him and went to Japan.

In Japan the ant and the elephant had a great time. They visited Disneyland. There they played games and danced with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and made many friends. The friends helped them to board a plane to China.

The elephant was very happy. When the plane landed in China, the elephant soon found his master. The elephant ran to him and cried, “Master!” His Master hugged him and promised never to leave him again.

The elephant introduced the ant to his master and told him how the ant had helped him. He asked his master if they could keep the ant. The Master said yes. Together they boarded the plane to India and lived happily ever after.

Harsh Vardhan Joshi is 7 years old and a student of class II at Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, India. He loves to read story books, (particularly Enid Blyton’s Noddy). He enjoys writing stories, is a cricket fan, and also a Maths wizkid. 

Sophia’s Farmers’ Market

by Aanya Gupta

One morning, a girl named Lily went to Sophia’s Farmers’ Market with her mom. She asked Sophia, “Where are the watermelons?” Sophia said, “We are all out of them.”

Lily asked, “Where are the bananas and the other fruits?” Sophia said, “We have bananas, strawberries and cherries. And let me check with the manager, Kerry, if we have any blueberries left. If not, then I will drop them off at your house at 11 o’clock.”

Lily drove back home with her mom, Clairen. After one hour, they went to pick her brother, Josh, from his friend’s house. When they got back home, both the kids ate ice cream.

After some time, their dad Jim, drove both of them to Sophia’s Farmers’ Market again. Sophia was at the counter, getting out the old receipts, when she spotted Lily and Josh. She told them that the store now had potatoes, lollipops, tomatoes and carrot sticks, and one last pack of cheese sticks.

The kids bought a lot of things from the store for the picnic with their friends on coming Monday. Their dad paid for everything at the counter. He was surprised at how much money it cost, as it was not much. But as the shopping for the whole month was nearly done, he did not mind. He gave Josh and Lily a lollipop each, once he had paid for all their purchases. Lily’s was purple and Josh’s was pink. He was very embarrassed.

When they got home, their mom made them dinner. They ate a delicious salad with soup and bread. Then they remembered that they forgotten to buy chicken that they wanted to grill at the picnic. So, mom and Lily went back to Sophia’s Farmers’ Market again.

Sophia was surprised to see them because it was very late and she was about to close. She said, “You are just in time. But we have packed everything but chicken and rice. Do you need to buy chicken or rice?”

Mom said, “We need chicken.” Then they bought chicken and mom paid for it. They drove back home. When they went inside, Josh and dad were watching TV in the media room. Mom reminded everybody to go to bed as it was 9 o’ clock. Mom and dad went to their room and Lily and Josh went to sleep on their bunk bed.

Next morning, they got ready and went for the picnic. They all had a lot of fun and thought, “We wouldn’t be able to have this big, fancy picnic if Sophia’s Farmers’ Market was not there.”

They all cheered, “HIP HIP HURRAY” for Sophia’s Farmers’ Market. They decided to invite Sophia for all their picnics. Sophia was very happy!

Aanya Gupta is 7 years old and a student of class II in Texas, USA. She loves stories, fairies, crafts and art.

Cat and Mouse

story and top illustration by Ashutosh Pahwa

bottom illustration by Samridhi Shukla

“Yumm! That’s delicious!” said Pinky the mouse.

“That’s true,” said her friend Bob the mouse. “The most delicious thing on this blue table is this strawberry sandwich cake with strawberry cream in the middle of its two layers, covered all over with white icing and a cherry on the top!”

“This crusty loaf of bread is very tasty too,” said Joey the mouse. “But we will have to hide all this from the Queen of cats, Mrs. Sylvie.”

“Oh! Mrs. Sylvie is just a fat fool,” laughed Pinky. “She can’t even catch a tortoise!”

“Now, Mr. Thomas, the King of cats is very fast,” said Bob. “He could even catch a cheetah, the fastest land animal!”

Just then Pinky and Joey pointed behind Bob. Bob looked behind him. Mrs. Sylvie was coming. “Run!” cried Bob, but Pinky and Joey were already running. Bob too ran down his mouse hole.

They hid there for some time, and then decided to try again to get the food. They crept out quietly, but Mrs. Sylvie was there near the table. They ran away again.

Mrs. Sylvie ate all the food. The three mice who had thought themselves so clever did not get anything to eat, because they had wasted all their time in making fun of Mrs. Sylvie!

Ashutosh Pahwa is 8 years old and a student of class III in New Delhi, India. He loves stories, art, sports and magic tricks.

Samridhi Shukla is 9 years old and a student of class IV in New Delhi, India. She loves drawing and painting, reading and swimming.

Maria and the Elephants

by Shivangi Mittal

Once upon a time there lived a twelve year-old girl named Maria. She loved reading about brave people, especially brave women like Joan of Arc of France and Queen Lakshmibai of India.

Maria loved animals, especially dogs and elephants. She had a dog of her own, a huge golden Labrador named Jimmy. And every weekend her father took her to the  zoo. There she would rush straight to the elephants’ enclosure and spend hours talking to the elephants form the other side.

However, today something was different. There was chaos all around. People were panicking and running here and there. Everyone was shouting at the same time. Maria also saw that there were no elephants in the enclosure.

Her father asked the manager what the problem was. He said that somebody left the cage open and all the elephants were gone. They had stamped all over the zoo and broken a lot of things, and then they had rushed out of the gate in a herd.

Maria wanted to try and locate the elephants. She asked her father for permission. Her father knew that she was a very determined child, so her gave her permission and some money, on the condition that she would take Jimmy with her.

Maria went out of the zoo, asking people about the elephants. Here and there she saw broken trees and smashed shops. After searching for two hours she found the elephants in a park. They were tired by this time and doing nothing. They had sat down in the park and were playing with the water of the lake in the park. Maria told Jimmy not to bark at them or make them excited.

Now the problem was how to take them back to the zoo.  Suddenly she saw a man wheeling a barrow of bananas near the park. She bought all his bananas and laid a trail of bananas from the park to the zoo. The elephants were quite hungry by this time. They quietly followed the trail of bananas back to the zoo and into their cage.

Her father and mother were very proud of her. She also got the Children’s Bravery Award from the President. There were pictures of her in the newspapers. Maria says that when she grows up she wants to live in a mansion with a zoo attached to it!

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India, She loves crafts and art, and making up stories.

The Friendly Dragon

by Aarnav Chaturvedi

Once upon a time there was a friendly dragon called Zark. He loved to make new friends and play with them. But as he was a dragon all the children who played close to the forest were scared of him. Whenever he tried to play with them they would get scared and run away.

One day when Zark was roaming around the forest, there were some children playing cricket. He could hear them playing. Just then, the boy who was batting hit a six. The ball went into the heart of the forest. The fielder on that side was scared, but went to get the ball. He got lost in the forest and didn’t come out for a long time. That’s when Zark heard the children screaming for help. Zark realized that the children needed help and he flew all over the forest to look for the child.

Zark found the child looking scared. He went to help the child. He held his hand and flew him back to the edge of the forest where all his friends were waiting for him.

All the children were happy to have their friend back and they thanked Zark. This made Zark really happy. After that no one ever got scared of Zark and they all played happily together.

Aarnav Chaturvedi is 8 years old and attends Vibgyor High School in Mumbai, India. He loves reading books, cycling, skating, watching movies, and is extremely passionate about karate. 

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