Saving the Earth

by Nikhil Basu Agarwal

Once upon a time the Solar family was very happy. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and others were having party.

Suddenly, the Sun said to them, “You are enjoying yourselves, but you don’t think about your sister, Earth. The people who live on Earth are spoiling your sister. They are spreading pollution. They have even punctured the ozone layer around her. My ultraviolet rays are harming her. She is getting more and more damaged all the time.

All the other planets became angry. They decided to have a meeting with all the members of the Solar System the next day.

The next day at the meeting they decided that one of the asteroids would disguise himself as a human and go to Earth to check what is happening there.

The asteroid did as he was told. When he came back, Jupiter asked him whether what the Sun said was true. The asteroid said that everything was true.

The planets became furious with the residents of the Earth. To save their sister they made a plan. They caused flood, famine and other natural calamities on the Earth to teach a lesson to the human beings who were harming their sister Earth.

The people living on Earth were very worried. The asteroid disguised himself as a human again and went on to the Earth once more. He told the people on Earth what had happened and why they were facing such calamities.

The people on Earth were very ashamed of themselves. They apologized for their mistakes and promised to correct their ways in future. The asteroid went back to the planets and told them about the humans’ repentance.

The Sun and planets decided that they would stop the natural disasters and give human beings another chance. The humans promised that they would keep the Earth clean and tidy and would not pollute it again.

Once again the whole Solar family was happy.

Nikhil Basu Agarwal is a student of class VI at Saint Xavier’s School, Jaipur.

The New Bride

by Agrini Bhattacharya 

When Radhika’s eldest brother got married, she was very upset. She had two more elder brothers and an elder sister. She was everybody’s pet and did not want any strangers in the house.

Plus she didn’t want Uday to get married. She thought that he would not pay attention to her if he got married. And she had seen Uday give that horrible Sarita a nice big present. She envied her.

She was very unhappy.

When all the ceremonies were done, she went into her bedroom and locked it. Lying awake, she kept on thinking about how to take revenge on her bhabhi (sister-in-law). She started weeping.

Ma was passing by her room. She went in and asked her what the matter was. Radhika told her everything. But before Ma could say anything, Baba called Ma because some guests are asking for her. She kissed Radhika on her forehead and went away.

Radhika kept on thinking and ultimately fell asleep. In the morning she refused to come down to breakfast. At the table, Uday asked Ma “Where is Radhika? Still sleeping?”

“No. She is angry with you. She says that you have forgotten her and will now not play with her.”

Uday went up to her bedroom. She was reading a book.

Uday said “Are you upset?”

Radhika nodded. “Why?” asked Uday. She told him the reason.

Uday said “I will play with only you. Sarita is so much older, and she doesn’t even know how to play ‘tag’. Happy?”

At that moment Sarita came in. She sat down and said sorry. She  gave Radhika a big gift. Now Radhika was happy.

But two months later another new bride…………….

Agrini Bhattacharya is a 12 year-old from Delhi, India. She is a student of class VII in DAV Vikaspuri. Her one enduring interest is reading. 

Voyage to the Moon

story and illustration by Shreeya Sharma

I loved the sight. It was so dreamlike that I thought I was sleeping, but I was not. It was the most beautiful thing in this whole universe. Even a rose garden was nothing beside it. The stars twinkled in glee. I was indeed in love with it–it was the moon!

The cool breeze blowing all around made the atmosphere even more wonderful. The clouds flying past it increased its beauty even more. It smiled, as if knowing that I was watching it. I could feel contentment of my heart as I saw it.

Just then I was taken aback to see a house FLYING, speeding towards our house! It landed just in front of me. An astronaut came out of it and took of her helmet. Oh! so this was a SPACECRAFT!

The astronaut smiled at me and I smiled in return. She asked me if  I would like to join her on a voyage to the moon. How could I refuse this golden opportunity! I went inside the spacecraft with her and found another astronaut there. This one was a man and his name is Rohan. The female astronaut was called Rani. I was very pleased to meet both of them. Rani told me that I would need to wear a space suit if I wanted to go with them into Space. She  gave me a golden spacesuit to wear. They both said that I looked very smart in it.

Rohan switched on the engine and Rani started the countdown: 10….9…8….7…6….5….4…3…2….1……BLAST OFF!!!!

Up we went into the space!

Rani gave me a camera with which I could click photos. We landed on the moon after about an hour. I ran out as soon as the engine stopped. All my life I had always been looking up in the sky to see either the moon or the sun. Today I was looking up to see my dear home planet EARTH ! I was looking at Earth, just the way perhaps God looks at Earth!

We all clicked photos of the diffrent planets that we could see, I picked up a moon rock as I wanted to carry it back with me to Earth.I was having a lot of fun. Just then Rani called out that it was time for us to return to the earth.

Rani and Rohan entered the  flying house. I said I would come in a moment, after clicking a final photograph of the view of earth from the moon. As I was returning to the  flying house, I fell down suddenly and landed in a crater on the moon’s surface.

I started to cry. Rohan and Rani rushed to help me. I stopped crying and looked around to see that I had fallen from my bed and my mother and father were trying to help me up!

I got up I told them I was all right and they returned to their room. I looked at the clock. It was midnight. I thought I must have been dreaming all this while and felt very sad that I had not actually travelled to the moon and back.

But just then I saw a small rock lying on the floor where I had fallen down from the bed.

GOOD HEAVENS! Was it the same Moon rock that I had picked up from the surface of the moon?

I was totally bewildered.

So was it a dream …………….. or was it not?  What do you think? Post your comments and tell me!

Shreeya Sharma is 11 years old. She is a student of class VII at Bal Bharti Public School, Pusa Road, New Delhi, India. She loves to play tennis and badminton, reading, net surfing, dancing, singing, writing and art. She is a struggling blogger and dreams of becoming a dancer, a singer, a writer, a scientist and an artist.


Rusty’s Diary

by Aditi Tripathi

Have you ever read Ruskin Bond’s Rusty?

Well I have, and I think it is a must read, for it was this very book that inspired me to write Rusty’s Diary. I have created my own version with the characters from the book–the ambitious Rusty, his unusually lazy Uncle Ken and his trusted companion Ayah, to name a few. This story is about Rusty’s hilarious encounters with Uncle Ken and the ingenious plans he hatches with Ayah to foil Uncle Ken’s preparations. Does he succeed or does Uncle Ken outwit him?

Read on to find out …

5th June 2008,

Hi Journo!

Early this morning, I saw a poster. It announced a competition for the ‘best dressed male’ in town. The reward was a whopping ten thousand pounds! Now, you know that Uncle Ken loves to get money without working hard so that’s exactly what he did! He signed his name in the biggest boldest letters for the competition! Furthermore, straight after that, he looks at me and says ‘Just you wait Rusty, just you wait–that money is going to be in my hands in no time!’ The nerve of that man Journo, the nerve of that man!

Now, Uncle Ken would not be a great person for asking some fashion tips, but I must say he did a pretty good job dressing up. He went to the tailor’s and bought a nice beige coloured shirt which went well with his dark brown suit he got from Myron’s. I am not sure if Granny will be too happy when she gets to see the price! Uncle Ken did not look just younger in that suit, but also leaner (usually he’s got a massive balloon sticking out of his bulging body). Uncle Ken is too excited to sleep. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow; will get some rest.

Good Night!!

PS ~ my new blue pen is just great! Don’t you think?


6th June 2008,

Hey Journo!!

While Uncle Ken was admiring himself in the mirror, Ayah and I were on top of our favourite jackfruit tree. We were deep into discussion (deep into eating the jackfruit too!) about how we would spoil Uncle Ken’s suit. I know that I haven’t told you yet, but we just have to spoil it! The reason–a high chance of him winning. I know that’s supposed to be good but he would continue to boast every day of the year! “I got this, I did that, you could not do it…” we would never hear the end of it!

While I bent forward to speak to Ayah, my jackfruit fell on his leg. As he started cleaning his leg, I hatched my plan. Ayah would act as if he is running from me because I have this pot of blueberry juice (he is allergic to blueberries) and I accidentally, (purposely!) bang into Uncle Ken. Actually it was Ayah who was originally supposed to do my bit, but he disagreed because he was scared of Uncle Ken. So, now the plan is that I drop all of that juice on his clothes and the pot on his toes! I sure hope it works! I’ll try it in the evening, will tell you about everything tomorrow. Isn’t it a brilliant plan?

Bye, bye!!!


PS ~ Can’t wait until tomorrow!


7th June 2008


I’m so happy today!! It worked! It went perfectly according to plan! As soon as Ayah ran into Uncle Ken, the bell rung. I ran as quickly as I could and banged into Uncle for a nice, ‘loosing control’ kind of effect. Ayah and I then made a quick exit and just as we were out of sight, the judges for the competition walked into our room to see Uncle Ken in a suit blotched with black all over! Furthermore, the funniest part of the commotion was Uncle Ken’s expression when the judges walked in. Ha ha ha-ha hahaha!!! My! It was so funny! Ayah and I were rolling all over the carpet laughing until there were tears rolling down our cheeks!

We will go to bed early today and keep out of Uncle Ken’s way! Hooray! Would not go too far with the rhyming!

Ha ha-ha. It has been a wonderful day. Oh another rhyme! Ho ho-ho ha-ha!! Sorry, I can not stop laughing.

We had granny’s delicious roast turkey and key lime pie. Uncle Ken had nothing. He went straight to bed without supper and I’m glad. Serves him right, there isn’t going to be  a single penny in his hand, forget a pound!



8th June 2008

Hi Journo!

Uncle Ken was off today early in the morning before I could even wake up. It’s past noon, time for his favourite part of the day, his siesta! But he still has not arrived.

Granny is worried sick! She‘s been asking the neighbours if they saw him somewhere. Mr. Roy said he did when he went for his morning walk but Uncle Ken would not tell him where he was going. We will wait until tonight if he does not come, and then we shall inform the police.

He is just doing this to get attention. When he comes back he will be in bed for the next five days and tell Granny to make him all kinds of delicacies. I am just not bothered about Uncle Ken’s disappearance. If he does not come back, that is good, because I will be more than happy!




9th June 2008,


Today is the worst day of my life. Ken, (I am NOT going to call him ‘uncle’ after what he did) came back home yesterday night and told granny a fake story about what I did to him.

Granny is really upset with me. She would not talk to me while ‘Ken’ stands there beaming. I was so angry I could… boil him in a pot of gravy and then bake his organs in a pie, and then cut his humungous, wobbly belly into thousands of pieces and feed them to the hawks!!

Then, after lunch Granny just simply walked away whenever I tried to tell her what really happened.

‘Ken’ is trying to get back at me. I’ll just simply go and tell him that this is nothing compared to the sight of his face when the judges walked in… priceless! There is a world of difference between the two!

After that I am going to go out and play, and show ‘Ken’ that what he did does not make any difference to me.



Aditi Tripathi is 11 years old and a student of  Class VI at  Sanskriti School, New Delhi, India. Her hobbies are reading, watching movies, dancing, swimming and creative writing.

Cruel to be Kind

story and illustration by Meghna Goel

Ryan was the most popular boy in school. He was very intelligent and participated in every competition. He won most of them. Everyone was very proud of him. His parents loved him. His teachers and friends liked him.

One day there was an international poetry competition in which he participated from his school. He won the first prize in it. His teachers, his parents, his friends, all were very proud of him. He got so much praise from everyone that he got swollen headed. He paid less and less attention to his studies. He thought he was perfect. His behaviour with his friends also grew very proud. His parents tried to correct him, but he wouldn’t listen. He was very rude to them too.

His parents were very sad and disappointed. They took care of his needs, but talked very little to him. His friends also started avoiding him. At first he didn’t care. But slowly he was left all alone.

Then he had his final exams. He thought that he would be first in class, as usual, even without studying. But when the results came, he got very bad marks. His parents were very angry with him and stopped speaking to him completely. He tried to speak to his parents but they ignored him.

One day he had half-day at school, but as his parents were not speaking to him, he didn’t tell them this. When he came back from school, his father’s car was standing in front of the house. He was very surprised. He wanted to find out what the matter was. So, he hid under the bed in his parents’ room to listen.

He heard his parents talking about the savings they were planning for his future. His father had some bank papers. They were both signing them. They were worried that he would have a lot of problems in life because he had stopped studying. That was why they were trying to save a lot of money for him, to make him a little comfortable.

Ryan listened to all this quietly. When his parents left the room, he came out and went to his room. He kept thinking the whole day and the whole night. He had understood how much he hurt his parents. He also realized that his parents were being strict with him because they loved him. They were being cruel to be kind.

From that day, Ryan changed. He started studying again. His behaviour also got better. His parents saw the changes in him and were very happy. They became a happy family again.

Meghna Goel is 11 years old. She is a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, music, crafts and arts.

Something Missing …

by Shivangi Mittal

Once upon a time there was a ten year-old boy named Ravi. He was a rather rude boy and the other children did not like him very much. But as he had the best ball in the colony, and he let the other children play with his ball, they came to his house to play.

And then, one day, Ravi’s father got him a new and very expensive ball. Ravi was very proud of his ball. He knew that none of the other children had a ball that was even half as good. He became so proud that he didn’t let his friends play with his new ball. Soon his friends stopped coming to his house.

Ravi didn’t care. He thought he wanted no one when he had such a wonderful ball to play with. He started playing alone. For some days it was fun. But after a few days he started getting bored, and stopped playing.  He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t enjoying his lovely new ball anymore. Something was missing.

For days and days he sat watching through the window as his friends played happily and joyfully. Many days went by like this. One day a boy named Rahul shifted into the colony with his family.

Rahul went to Ravi’s house to play one day. Ravi’s mom said, “Don’t just sit here, Ravi. Take your new ball and play with Rahul”. So, Ravi went with him to the backyard to play. They played for hours with Ravi’s new ball. Ravi enjoyed it very much.

After Rahul went back home, Ravi realized what he had been missing while playing with his new ball. … A partner! Ravi played with Rahul every day after that and they became best friends.

Soon Ravi began to see that his friendship was making him much happier than the new ball did. So, one day he went to the park where all the other children were playing. He apologized to them. They forgave him and became his friends again.

Now Ravi is a polite, sensible boy. He shares all his toys with his friends, even if they are expensive or new.

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and lives in New Delhi, India. She is a student of class VI. She loves writing stories, drawing, painting and crafts.

Nisha Walks Again

remixed by Akash Pandey

This is a wonderful story about a sweet little girl, Nisha, who hurt herself badly one day and lost the use of her legs. This beautiful and inspiring story goes on to tell us how Nisha’s courage and determination, and encouragement from her wise old grandfather, helped her to walk again!!

The story won FIRST PRIZE in the Under-16 category of the ‘Retell, Remix, Rejoice with Chuskit’ Contest organized by Pratham Books! We are proud to feature this story here with their kind permission.

Illustrations by Madhuvanti Anantharajan

To read the  story click here

Akash Pandey is 9 years old and lives in Delhi, India. He is a student of Class IV. He likes to read and write stories, take pictures and play computer games. He is a yellow belt in Karate.

The Runaway

The Runaway

story and illustration by Prakhya Bhageria

I am Sid and I am 10 years old. I always used to be very sad. My parents never had time for me. My dad spent the whole day in office and my mom was always busy with her kitty-parties. Whenever they were at home, they spent all their time fighting with each other. I felt they didn’t even know that I existed! There came a time when I couldn’t bear it and one night, when everyone was asleep, I left the house without telling anyone.

I did not know where to go. I just kept walking down the street, staring at my shadow, when I suddenly bumped into a man.

“I am sorry sir!” I said to the man.

“Oh! No problem,” replied the man. “You should not roam here and there alone at this time of the night, kid. Your parents must be worried; should I drop you home?” he asked.

“No, thank you. I don’t want to go there again. I am just looking for a place to live”, I explained to him.

The man looked shocked. He thought something over and said, “Well, you can live with me, but you must work at my café.” I thought it was a very good idea. The man looked very kind. But I was wrong. That man was a horrid person. He would hit me and give me food only once a day. He made me work very hard from morning to night.

One day, when I was cleaning the door of the café, a very old woman passed by. Her leg hit against a large stone and she tripped. I ran to her as fast as I could and steadied her. She was very thankful. She started talking to me. After a while she noticed the scars on my body and asked me about them. I told her all about myself. She felt sorry for me.

“Would you like to live with me? I live all alone,” said the old woman. It was like a dream come true. I just wanted to leave that place. So, I said yes.

I started living in the old woman’s house. She was very loving. I started calling her ‘Grandma’. She had a small grocery store. I told her why I left home. Then she told me why she lived alone. “It’s a long story,” she said. “I used lived with my husband and my son. We were one of the rich families here. But one day, about 11 years ago, he left the house an….”

“Why did he leave the house?” I interrupted.

“Because he liked a girl and wanted to marry her. My husband did not like her and would not allow this. So, he left the house and after a year my husband also died. Now I don’t even know where my son is.” I felt sorry for her and said, “Don’t be sad, Grandma. I am also like your son.” I started living happily with her, helping her in the shop and going to a government school.

One day, after two months, when I was walking in the market with Grandma, I saw a wall poster with my picture. It said: Sid Miller: Missing since 2 months.

My eyes filled with tears. Grandma tried to comfort me. Then the shadow of a man fell on us and I saw it was my dad. His eyes filled with tears. He hugged me as hard as he could.

I turned towards Grandma and saw a river flowing from her eyes. I asked her why she was crying, but she did not reply. She just kept staring unblinkingly at my dad. My dad too was staring at Grandma. Suddenly, he said “Mum!” in a choked voice and hugged her tightly. Now I live happily with mom, dad and grandma. Mom and dad spend a lot of time with me and love me a lot.

Prakhya Bhageria is 11 years old and lives in New Delhi, India. She is a student of Class VII. She enjoys reading, surfing the net, crafts and art.


mona singh said…
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May 10, 2011 9:33 PM
mona singh said…
Prakhya….i loved the story and your sensitivity towards human emotions….keep writing and sharing your work…you are on good story teller :))))
May 10, 2011 9:34 PM
Rachna Mittal said…
Beautiful, very touchy and very well written story… How creative for an 11 year old child to come up with such a concept…. Keep writing… 🙂
May 11, 2011 1:20 AM
pdpsalums said…
A beautiful story…keep going
May 12, 2011 5:31 PM
NSaini said…
Great job Prakhya, keep it up!
May 12, 2011 7:09 PM

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