The Adventure of the Six Friends-1

The first part of a serial story that starts today …

story idea by Shivangi Mittal; written and illustrated by Meghna Goel

 Chapter-1: Starting Out on a Holiday

Stanley (Stan), Zoozoo, Meg, Prohit (Motu), Shivangi (Shy) and Meghna (Maggie) called themselves ‘Crime Fighters’. They were fast friends and lived in the same colony in Delhi, the capital of India. Stan, Meg and Maggie were twelve years old and the others were eleven.

Maggie and Shy were cousins and lived in the same house. Both had olive skin, big eyes and long, black hair. Zoozoo and Stan were Meg’s brothers. They were tall with dark hair and Meg was tiny with fair skin and hair. They lived three houses away.

Prohit was the only child of very rich parents. He was called Motu because he was plump, with brown hair and sallow skin. He lived in the largest, most beautiful house of the colony and had lots of servants.

The Crime Fighters always wanted to solve crimes and read all the detective books they could find. But they had not come across any big crimes to solve, so far–only small mysteries like lost things and missing children in the colony. They were rather good at these. Now they were having their summer break and were going for a vacation together.

Stan, Zoozoo and Meg’s relatives had a beautiful holiday home in Gangtok. They were spending the vacation there. They had invited the children and their friends for two weeks.

Meg’s parents could not go with them just now because they could not get leave from office. The six friends were going by themselves. They were flying there in the care of Sheena, who was an air hostess on their plane. Meg’s uncle and aunt would pick them up from the airport there. Meg’s parents had told them wonderful things about Gangtok and its beauty.

It was the night before the trip. Everyone was sleeping over at Meg’s house because they had to start early next day. They were all very excited and couldn’t sleep.

Soon it was morning. They quickly got out of bed and got ready for the trip. Their parents took them to the airport and left them in charge of Sheena. They checked in their luggage and waited in the departure lounge.

Finally, their flight was announced and they were in the plane, ready to take off.

To be continued……….         

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, drawing & painting, tennis and swimming.

Meghna Goel is 11 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, vocal and instrumental music, crafts and art.             

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