Meghna’s Limerick

There was once a girl named Kelly,

Who loved making apple jelly.

She ate it all

And looked like a ball

Because she had a huge belly.


Meghna Goel is a student of class XI in Springdales School, Pusa Road, New Delhi INDIA

Steve Jobs … A Legend; An Inventor

source for illustration: (Steve Jobs tribute logo created by Jonathan Mak, a 19-year old in Hong Kong)

article by Arshia Deep

An amazing man will no longer be with us after today.

Today Steve jobs died of cancer, and somehow he knew it was the end. They say he died peacefully with his loved ones around him. A lot of us wanted to meet him but … life goes on.

I’m heart broken … Somehow I knew he would invent incredible stuff when we are older, but I guess that won’t happen.

He made a spectacular and important speech in 2005. They showed it on the news. He brought the extraordinary iPhone to the world!!!

Everyone is grief struck … he made an impact on all of our lives. It’s hard to imagine that such a great creator can vanish at such a very young age.

I have to do an essay on an inventor, who should I pick? My mom says I have to do Steve Jobs! I will!

He is an idol to lots and lots of people, and we will all continue to use his products. And maybe, someday, someone as spectacular as him will follow his dreams …

Remember one thing, sometimes good things will fall apart so even better things can fall together…

Arshia Deep is a 10 year-old student of class V in USA. She loves books and music, Science and Maths, crafts and art. She cares deeply for nature and animals. She wrote this as a tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on the day he passed away.

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