The Adventure of the Six Friends-3

story idea by Shivangi Mittalwritten & illustrated by Meghna Goel

The story so far (see The Adventure of the six Friends-1 and The Adventure of the Six Friends-2): Six friends: Stan, Zoozoo, Meg, Maggie, Shy and Motu have been invited to stay with Meg, Stan and Zoozoo’s relatives at their holiday home in the mountains of Gangtok during their summer break. They are to travel in charge of an air hostess and will be joined later by Meg’s parents. The short journey becomes long and boring when their plane runs into bad weather. And then a bomb is discovered in the plane by the co-pilot. The passengers are assisted to jump from the plane. The six friends jump with parachutes, fall to earth and faint.    

Chapter 3: Heaven, Movie Set or Reality?

When the children came to their senses, they found themselves in a valley surrounded by mountains. It was a very beautiful place, full of greenery and bright flowers. A short distance away, there was a miniature palace, the size of a doll’s house.

Maggie said, “It must be a movie set for Gulliver’s Travels, or something like that.”

Shy said, “It must be Heaven, it’s so beautiful!”

Zoozoo and Stan said, “Don’t be silly. This is reality, because we are all alive.”

Motu was not bothered whether this was a movie set, or heaven, or reality, because he was hungry and wanted something to eat, but Meg agreed with Shy. She thought that such a beautiful place could only be heaven.

They kept arguing about this with each other, till Motu said, “Please! Let us find something to EAT!” So, they all helped each other to take off the heavy parachutes and decided to look around in the little palace to find out where exactly they were.

They went up to the palace and peeped inside. They saw that it was full of tiny people, about two inches high. They were reminded again of Gulliver’s Travels, and other stories like Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.

When the tiny people saw them, they were alarmed. The children looked like giants to them. They thought that the children were enemies and had come to attack them. They quickly got their weapons and started shooting arrows at them.

The children shouted to the little people, “We are not enemies. We just crashed here. We don’t know where we are, and we need something to eat.” The tiny people didn’t believe them. They thought that the children were trying to fool them, so, they continued to shoot arrows at them.

The arrows were little and did not hurt the children much, but they got bruised. They were already tired after the plane crash. Soon the tiny people tied all of them and led them to their king.

The king asked them, “Who are you giants? And why did you come here?”

All of them told him their names. The king told them, “This valley is Grundog and our people are called Grunkles.

Meg said “We are from Delhi, the capital of India. We have never even heard of this place or seen it on any map in the Atlas. So, where is it? Are we still in India?”.

The king said, “Our kingdom is a hidden land between the borders of India and China. The outside world does not know about us. We are so small, that we are afraid if they came to know about us they would attack and harm us. So, we keep our existence a secret. How did you come here?”

Shy said, “We were flying to Gangtok and there was a bomb on our plane. We jumped and landed here”.

Motu said, “I am HUNGRY!!”.

The king gave an order to his soldiers: “Untie their knots and bring lots of food for them”.

To be continued …

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, drawing & painting, tennis and swimming.

Meghna Goel is 11 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, vocal and instrumental music, crafts and art.             

Caught in Time-6

by Aditya Sengupta

The story so far (see Caught in Time!, Caught in Time-2, Caught in Time-3, Caught in Time-4 and Caught in Time-5): Eleven year-old Ajay starts out for school in Kolkata and boards a bus that takes him to World War II France. Forced to train as a German pilot, he is hit by a RAF Hurricane on his maiden flight and crashes into Ancient Greece in the eve of the ‘Wooden Horse of Troy’ episode. Caught and imprisoned by Trojan soldiers in an ante-chamber inside the wooden horse, Ajay finds himself in yet another time warp … 

Chapter  6: Perils inside the Pyramid

After two time-warps in the strangest ways possible, Ajay was not exactly surprised to have gone through a third. He appeared to be in an area near the equator, as the sun was still rising, yet the weather was quite warm. It did not look like India, though it had a river flowing through it. It might be some other ancient civilization, like Egypt.

Ajay walked further away from the rising sun, heading west. The sight of a pyramid confirmed his suspicion that he was in Egypt. Ajay decided to enter the pyramid, hoping to find another time-warp that would (if he were lucky) end the bizzare cycle.

Ajay did not really expect a door to be wide open for him to walk through; however, there was a wall which had a hole near the bottom, just wide enough for a man to crawl through. Being an eleven-year old, Ajay managed to climb through quite easily.

He found himself in a long hallway. He felt strangely uneasy, but had no option but to go on. He took three cautious steps forward. Nothing happened. He took another step.

An arrow flew from an opening in one wall, glided over Ajay’s head and bounced off the other wall, landing on the floor. Ajay thought rapidly. This defense mechanism would have been designed to stop full-grown burglars, who would be taller than him. So, he had the advantage in terms of height, but even so, he would have to proceed with even greater caution.

The next arrow was very low, and Ajay avoid it in the nick of time by dropping flat and pressing his body to the ground very quickly. A larger person would have been shot in his right leg.

He had to avoid ten more arrows. Some were fired simultaneously, and Ajay had to step back to avoid them, but not too far back, or he might have triggered another arrow. Reaching the other end, miraculously unscathed, Ajay paused to rest for a minute.

He then looked at his next obstacle: four doors, all alike. There was some dust, and footprints around them. Someone seemed to have tried all four doors, and no footsteps had returned from the second door from the left. Either that was the right door, or it was the wrong one. Either way, what choice did he have but to continue?

He opened the door and found himself at a fork: one road went left, and one went right. Ajay chose the right fork and found himself on a long path, at the end of which was a wall made of stone, with no convenient holes in it to go through.

He went back to the fork and chose the left one. This lead to another long pathway, with two doors at the end. He chose the left door and went through it.

His third obstacle was a stone pathway that seemed to be suspended in mid-air. Some of the stones looked as if they were very precariously balanced and might give way at the lightest touch. Ajay stepped carefully, avoiding all unstable stones. After a while, he saw the exit, and was so relieved that he accidentally stepped backwards dislodged a stone. The whole floor fell, and Ajay with it.

Fortunately, he was still alive. He made his way down another hall, thankfully arrow-free, and reached a door. He walked through it and saw a very short man, dressed in black clothes.

Unlike the soldiers at Troy, this man clearly knew exactly what to do. He was brandishing a very sharp knife and led Ajay, at its point, into a large room. He was also very careful to lock the door as he left Ajay there.

As soon as the man left, some gas was released into the room. Ajay tried not to inhale it, but was unsuccessful. He had been poisoned…the whole room started spinning … he would not survive …

To be continued …

Aditya Sengupta is 11 years old and a student of class VII in New Delhi, India. He enjoys reading, writing, music and watching cricket.

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