Poems from Brazil

by Amogh Balaji

Amogh is 10 years old and a student of St. Paul’s school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His interests include reading and writing poems . He also loves playing tennis and football. Here are some poems from his collection.

My day today

In the beginning of the day, everything is good;

But by the end of the day, somebody is in a bad mood.

The things go…not as you think,

But sometimes they have a link …




Robôts can walk;

Robots can talk;

They’re made into cubes;

Just like silvér tubes.

When robots are dead,

They lay on their bed.

And when they are done,

They become fun.




I am a giant, really big:

The people I see turn into a fig.

I am a giant, really smart;

And I play Mário kart.

I’m a giant, and I know you …


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