The Adventure of the Six Friends-4

story credit: Shivangi Mittal & Meghna Goel

written by: Shivangi Mittal       illustrated by: Meghna Goel

The story so far (see parts 1, 2 and 3): Six friends: Stan, Zoozoo, Meg, Maggie, Shy and Motu have been invited to stay with Meg, Stan and Zoozoo’s relatives at their holiday home in the mountains of Gangtok during their summer break. They are to travel in charge of an air hostess and will be joined later by Meg’s parents. The short journey becomes long and boring when their plane runs into bad weather. And then a bomb is discovered in the plane by the co-pilot. The passengers are assisted to jump from the plane. The six friends jump with parachutes, fall to earth and faint.  When they woke up, they found themselves in a beautiful secret valley called Grundog, inhabited by tiny people called Grunkles. The King of Grundog made them welcome. The children were hungry, so, he ordered food for them …

Chapter 4: Motu’s Big Emergency

The king invited the six friends for dinner to his palace. They were to be the guests of honour.

The children were excited. They thought it would be a great opportunity to know more about the kingdom and its different cities.

They were welcomed to the palace with great pomp and show. Since the palace was too small for them to fit, the arrangements had been made in the gardens. There was a wonderful dinner spread out before them and they sat down with the king. There were no chairs big enough for them to sit in the tiny kingdom, so they sat on the carpets laid out on the lawns.

While they were eating the king asked them about their journey. He wanted to know why they had been travelling, where they were going, etc. The children told the king about their vacation and their trip to Gangtok by plane and the plane crash.

However, they did not know why the plane had crashed. They felt that as ‘Crime Fighters’ it was their job to find out the answers to all these questions and solve the mystery.

They were all talking about this and discussing it with the king, when they suddenly realized that something was wrong with  Motu. He kept fidgeting and scrunching up his face. We all stared at him.

Suddenly he burst out loudly: “I have to use the loo”!!

There was a shocked silence. And then everyone burst into laughter!

The laughter spread to the whole city, and soon everyone could be heard roaring with mirth–well, everyone except Motu (obviously!). The town settled in 30 minutes. The children ate and drank.

Now the problem was where to stay. None of the buildings in Grundog were large enough for the children to fit in. The king finally found a solution. He ordered his men to furnish the biggest barn in the kingdom with all kings of luxuries, just like a palace.

The barn was made ready for them and the children went into it. They found soft mattresses on the floor. They slept …

To be continued……….         

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, drawing & painting, tennis and swimming.

Meghna Goel is 11 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, vocal and instrumental music, crafts and art.   

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