Testing Times

by Akshdeep Singh

The sun glowed softly in the east on that cold morning. ‘Wake up,’ it said. But a boy, lost in deep slumber on his bed, was unaware of the rising sun or the golden morning. I was the boy, and very soon, not only the sun, but my mother too was desperately trying to wake me up. I woke up at last and had a bath. Mother waited for me with my breakfast on the back seat of the car so that I didn’t go school on an empty stomach.

Uh-oh! Hindi test today! Got to read up on grammar—compound words and one word for many—horrible! The wretched, boring brain-fogger of a Hindi Grammar book–it shall meet its end after the paper! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

The paper was creepy (though I did manage to scrape good marks despite my apprehensions—but now I’m done with it and have had Hindi studies to last me a lifetime)! I completed the paper before time, desperate to be rid of the miserable subject. After that I whiled away the time, observing the pigeon who had made its nest on the large window sill of the classroom, which was high enough to be out of reach. The pigeon’s suspicious red eyes met mine for a split second. He flew away the next instant.

Trrrrring Trrrrrrrring! Time over! The silence broke. Ma’am collected all our papers.

“How was your paper?” asked my friend Ranja.

“I will get shunya (zero)!”

“Ha-ha! I think I will get chaubees (twenty-four)!” he boasted.

“That’s cool! But you know very well that I am the worst in Hindi.”

“What was the answer to Question2 Part a? Who was the poet? Sur Davi?” asked Abhishek, jumping into the conversation.

“HA-HA-HA!” both Ranja and I laughed in his face .

“It was Sur Das, silly!” scoffed Ranja.


“How was the paper Akshit?” I asked, sighting Akshit.

“I don’t expect papers have feelings, do they?” he joked.

“Very funny. I mean, how many marks do you expect?”

“It was okay. I will manage twenty one at least,” he said


“I bet Deevanshu will get twenty four and half on twenty five,” said Akshit. “He is the champion in Hindi!”

“I don’t think so,” said Ranja. “He was overconfident this time, and he never answered any questions in yesterday’s test.”

“SETTLE DOWN!” came the shrill roar of Harpreet  Ma’am. We jumped. “Are you nursery duffers who make noise all day long? SETTLE DOWN FAST!”

It’s Science period, taught by Harpreet Ma’am. She is tall and fair and has taught us science for years. We love her classes. But today I’m just sooo… sleepy after the Hindi test. She is speaking but I can’t tell the difference between friction and fiction.

“Fiction is a pepper salt between two peppery surfaces,” I write sleepily…

Akshdeep Singh is 14 years old and a student of class IX at Guru Harkrishan Public School, Loni Road. His hobbies and interests include Science, reading and writing.

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