by Ashu Pahwa


Oh look! How beautiful is Nature!

It supports everything and creation.


Look at the hot, burning sun:

It sees children having fun!


Now, look at the big, blue sky

In which lots of birds fly!


Look at the tall, green trees:

The home of many birds and bees.


Look at the green gardens and flowers:

With them we can spend many hours!


Rivers, oceans, lakes and streams

Look so beautiful: just like dreams!


Look at the forests, lush with greenery;

They really make a beautiful scenery!


The mountains and valleys; animals big and small;

Nature is wonderful, God made it all!


by Shreya Jain

I come to this Earth

From the hands of Nature,

And give birth to Man:

Who can feel the warmth of fire’

Who can see those flames rising,

Full of the vibrant colors of life.

The fire that can

Cause destruction

To the land I stand on;

To the land I come from.

I give birth to Man:

Who cannot live without water;

Who can hear the sounds of drops;

Who finds relief in its touch.

The water that can

Stop that fire from rising;

Give life to the starving;

Destroy the land with flood;

Help a seed grow to a sapling.

I give birth to Man:

Who breathes the air;

Who senses the cool breeze;

Who would perish without it.

The air that can

Carry away every droplet of water;

Carry away every grain of sand;

Blow away fire.

I give birth to Man:

Who can smell the essence of soil;

Who can walk on of land;

Who can grow new life from this soil.

The soil that can

Take into itself all the seeds;

Give life to all that is living;

All that gives life to this Earth:

This Earth, where I come

From the hands of Nature,

And give birth to Man.

Shreya Jain is 15 years old and a student of class X at Tagore International School, New Delhi, India. She loves reading mystery novels and watching action, thriller and crime movies. In addition, she loves music as well as painting abstract and Nature. 

Lazy Hazy Dreams

by Tazeem Akhter

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

Up the mountains I rose;

Nature gathering me close;

Leaving far behind, those

Who only wallow in woes!

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

Mysteries intensified,

The environs densified;

Leaving the bouncing twigs,

Birds flew so dignified!

As I gave into my hazy dreams:

I found myself embroiled;

Like vines tangled and coiled;

In the jungles I camped,

Devouring eats roasted and broiled!

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

By the colors was I awestruck;

And by the sounds of the new world;

Soiled though it was with mire and muck,

But free of rioters running amuck!

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

Fragrant air I inhaled;

Nature’s beauty unveiled;

New pinnacles of delight I scaled:

Oh! How I wish to stay here, jailed!

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

The sun sank behind the dale;

And the moon threw back its veil;

Fascinated, was I, under a spell;

Into a pleasant reverie I fell!

As I gave in to my hazy dreams:

I was rafting down beauteous streams;

Sometimes getting struck in their extremes;

All life’s ugliness it redeems;

More wonderful than reality it seems!

Tazeem Akhter is a 17 year-old writing enthusiast from Village Kalai, District Poonch, Jammu & Kashmir. She also loves reading and photography.

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