by Shivani Galhotra

The youth are the most important part of any society because they are the citizens of tomorrow. Similarly, India’s youth are the backbone of Indian society.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s former President, who was fondly called the ‘People’s President’, had great hopes of India’s youth. During his tenure he interacted with people from all walks of life. He always used to interact with the youth and realized their importance. The youth can play an important role in realizing Dr Kalam’s dream.

Dr. Kalam always believed that the youth, when mobilized, can play an important role in the fight for equal rights. They can take out rallies; make pamphlets to create awareness among the people about their rights. They can also help fight other social and political evils like corruption.

We can see Dr. Kalam’s vision for India’s youth coming true as the youth is playing an important role in the making of the Lokpal Bill. A big section of the country’s young people are supporting the Gandhian leader Anna Hazare. Thousands of youngsters have been participating in his rally and agitation, pledging their support for the fight against corruption. We can see on the news every single day that the youth of the country are leaving their studies and fasting for their rights.

In the newspaper there was a recent story that an IIT student left his convocation, where he was to get a degree from Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, to support Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption. Students at numerous IITs are boycotting their convocations by the PM just so that they can show their support towards Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill.

They want the PM to first listen to what the masses want, which is an end to corruption and a new Jan Lokpal Bill according to their terms. They support it mainly because corruption affects them in a big way. For example, admission to a medical college requires a huge donation on the student’s part.

The RTI (Right to Information Act) also had the youth as a major part of it. The elections last year had highest percentage of youth voting. The youth help in mobilizing support. They can give ideas and help in research. The youth of today are tomorrow’s citizens. They should be encouraged to come forward.

Shivani Galhotra is 14 years old and a student of class IX at DPS Vasant Kunj, Delhi. She likes to read, write and listen to music. 

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