The Adventure of the Six Friends-2

story idea and illustration by Shivangi Mittal; written by Meghna Goel

The story so far (see The Adventure of the Six Friends-1): Six friends: Stan, Zoozoo, Meg, Maggie, Wangy and Motu have been invited to stay with Meg, Stan and Zoozoo’s relatives at their holiday home in the mountains of Gangtok during their summer break. They are to travel in charge of an air hostess and will be joined later by Meg’s parents …

Chapter-2: A Horrible Air Journey

It was a short journey. Maggie and Shy looked around at the other passengers. Three of the men sitting behind them looked strange. They were looking very suspiciously at everyone.  Shy even saw two of them picking their noses! She showed it to the others and they all giggled.

Breakfast was served soon after take-off. They got jam sandwiches and cutlets to eat. Zoozoo and Meg hated jam sandwiches. Meg made a face, but didn’t say anything. Motu happily ate their jam sandwiches and they divided his cutlet between them. They had coffee and juice to drink.

Behind them, the strange passengers were finding fault with the food.  Suddenly, the plane started shaking and wobbling. They all spilt their drinks and looked around, scared.

“We have run into rough weather,” announced the pilot. “Please fasten your seat belts and switch off all electronic devices.” The television monitors in front of them also went blank. The plane continued to shake and roll in the bad weather. The short journey became very, very long. The children stopped being scared after a while. But they were badly bored.

After a few hours, the weather cleared. All of a sudden, there was a shout from the cockpit. The co-pilot had heard a ticking sound and they realized that there was a bomb in the plane, which was about to explode.

The pilot announced this to the passengers. The air hostesses started helping them to wear parachutes and telling them how to use them and jump out of the plane. The passengers were shouting in panic. One by one they were lined up and helped to jump.

Soon after they all jumped, the plane blasted. The children fell to the ground and fainted.

To be continued……………

Shivangi Mittal is 10 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, drawing & painting, tennis and swimming.

Meghna Goel is 11 years old and a student of class VI in New Delhi, India. She loves stories, vocal and instrumental music, crafts and art.             

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