Why Us?

What We Do

Words and More (Kids) was started as a forum to encourage youngsters to write good language, as well as to provide to them an outlet for their creativity.

At Words and More (Kids) we invite original entries from youngsters of all ages. Even though we started out with an age group of 7-18 years, we have had a 5 year-old and a couple of 6 year-olds on the site as well.  We edit the youngsters’ work with a light touch, for grammar as well as enhancement of style, and publish them with suitable illustrations.

The posts are categorized by age groups as well as genres: stories, poems and articles by kids, pre-teens and teens. We also have several youngsters writing long stories/ short novels which we carry as series in a separate category. Some authors prefer to illustrate their own stories and poems, while we take care of the visuals for the rest. A few youngsters have even illustrated stories and poems by other authors.

The response has been overwhelming. At present there are nearly 50 young authors writing on Words and More (Kids), from several cities across India, USA and UK.

In fact, recently a few parents have sent in their children’s work with the request that we publish it on the website on the occasion of their birthdays. A number of parents have written in, saying that seeing their work polished and attractively presented on the website along with their by-lines and brief bio-data has been a tremendous boost to the creative passion of their children.

What Children Gain

This is the age of fast and stressful lifestyles and one of the biggest casualties of the ‘jet age’ has been the art of communication, of fine language, of creative expression. From a very young age, it is much more convenient for busy parents and caregivers to let children amuse themselves at the television, which is replaced, as the children grow up, by PSPs, the internet, i-pads, mobile phone apps and all kinds of electronic gimcrackery, which suppress the children’s native faculties, turning them into automatons addicted to gadgetry, or alternatively, into couch potatoes addicted to the idiot box.

Indeed, children today respond most readily to the stimulus of the electronic screen. And thus, Words and More (Kids) has been envisioned as a means to channelize the young generation’s predilection for the screen into creative use, fostering sound language and writing skills in the process.

As children are encouraged to write again and again, lured as much by the sight of their by-lines on the internet as by a sense of achievement that writing good language soon begins to give them, there is an appreciable improvement in their writing abilities. Their creative faculties, crushed under the onslaught of the electronic media, begin to resurface and blossom on the very same media.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ekansh
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 06:54:14

    the work u are doing is really fantastic and i’m always with u to increase my creativity…..I Humbly request to you thats please send me new things like stories
    ; amazing facts ;jokes and whatever you find intresting for me so send it to my email address…….{educationalpurpose2011@gmai.com}


  2. Manasvi Sharma
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 14:25:53

    Its just great site……my favourite site…….:):)


  3. shally sharma
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 16:39:49

    the work u are doing is really fantastic


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